Boston College Superfan Slogans

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Students at Boston College sporting events are often referred to as Superfans due to their gold "Superfan" shirts. The idea of encouraging all students to wear gold at games by providing each class with a gold Superfan shirt is a relatively recent concept. Anyways, at orientation each class now receives a Superfan shirt with a unique slogan on the backbag. I have been trying to compile a list of Boston College Superfan mottos. Here are the Boston College Superfan slogans starting with the class of 2002:

Class of 2002: Whatever it Takes!
Class of 2003: Go Eagles!
Class of 2004: Eagles on the Warpath
Class of 2005: Always Believe in BC
Class of 2006: Fly Like an Eagle
Class of 2007: Take it to the Heights
Class of 2008: Soaring to Glory
Class of 2009: Talons of Fury...Get Ready.
Class of 2010: Eagles Take Action.
Class of 2011: For Here All Are One.
Class of 2012: On the Hunt for Excellence
Class of 2013: Honoring the Legacy, Pursuing Greatness
Class of 2014: Ignite the Heights with Spirit and Truth
Class of 2015: Building Character, Becoming Champions
Class of 2016: Many Hearts, One Tradition
Class of 2017: Carry the Torch. Light the Way.
Class of 2018: Ever Rising to New Heights


Anonymous said...

‎"Ignite the Heights with Spirit and Truth." Class of 2014.

8/28/10, 9:45 PM
Matt said...

Thanks, I just now changed it :)

8/28/10, 10:13 PM
Anonymous said...

is it just me, or have these slogans just gotten crappier since 2007?

2/16/11, 6:08 PM
chicagofire1871 said...

Yes, they seem to have been really going downhill.

9/25/11, 8:35 AM
Anonymous said...

All such compared to 2015

6/11/13, 12:03 PM
Anonymous said...

The SuperFan shirt started in 1997. It became widespread when they were promoted for a Thursday night game in the fall of '98 and the bookstore sold them for $3. The original, which was not on the one sold for the night game, said "Whatever it takes." I forget what the $3 shirts said, but it was something else.

12/3/14, 3:34 PM